The Ausome Sailing Charity

Autism friendly sailing experiences

Our Mission

Ausome is a registered charity promoting the personal and social growth of individuals of all ages who have Autism Spectrum Conditions through an exciting programme of sailing.


Founded by a group of enthusiastic sailors, some of whom are on the autistic spectrum themselves, we have all seen or experienced the tremendous benefits that sailing can deliver to those with autism spectrum conditions, at times truly transforming lives.


Everyone with an autistic spectrum condition is unique and different but if you have the desire to try something new, then sailing with Ausome is one of the most enjoyable, immersive and fun ways to:


  • Improve your confidence whilst exploring and learning new skills.

  • Be part of team where everyone has an important role to play and respects each other’s contributions.

  • Develop your social skills and make new friends.

  • Increase your self-reliance in a structured, safe and friendly environment.

If you would like to experience the thrill of sailing across the open water then our passionate, trained and knowledgeable team will do everything we can to make sure that you go home having had an Ausome time.